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Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for people who are passionate; who care deeply about their work, who see the big picture but also notice the details. We are looking for people to grow with us for the many years to come. This means being…

  • Organized. Obsessed about using calendars, spreadsheets, and other tools to manage your time, tasks, and responsibilities.
  • Hard-working. Willing to step in and take active roles in project based work.
  • Willing to learn and adapt. Starting a festival from the ground up was an amazing learning experience for all of us, and our team has had the drive, capability, and innovation to build CCIFF into the world-class destination for cinema that it is today.

How to apply

Below you can find descriptions of the positions we’re currently looking to fill. If you think the paragraph above describes you, we encourage you to email us at regardless of background or experience. When you apply, be sure to include:

  • Name of the position you’re applying for in the subject line.
  • Explain in a few words why you are interesting in joining the CCIFF Team
  • Attach your CV

Open CCIFF committee positions

Video Editor

A video editor needs to edit promotional videos, short films, or feature length films. They also need to work with other people in a team, and have a basic understanding of using a computer.

Website Manager; Programmer

A website manager works as an administrator of the organization’s websites, managing content, maintaining coherent web design and increasing the organization’s online presence.

Human Resource Assistant

HR assistants are involved with services that relate to a human resources department.

Content Team-Event Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating events, including calculating budgets, planning venues, putting up decorations, working with project managers and ensuring that events run smoothly.

Graphic Designer

The Canada China International Film Festival wants people who can produce quality graphic materials and use appropriate computer software. At the same time, the employee would need to create and proof-read design solutions that have a high visual impact for both digital and physical materials, and enhance project marketing effects through generating effective advertising materials. Employee have to work with the Marketing Team and communicate with different teams to fulfill their needs.


A translator is required to have a general understanding of the projects, be able to write and translate documents of the projects for promotional or descriptive purposes between English, French and Chinese.

Office administrator

To help with a set of day-to-day activities that are related to record keeping, physical distribution, logistics, and assist other departments with the organization.

Accounting assistant

To be responsible for general accounting functions and assisting the account manager in bookkeeping activities.